Hire a Contractor

Too many homeowners think that hiring a Contractor is a matter of a phone call, a quick estimate then off to the races (not so). Some homeowners are really only concerned about getting the lowest bid. That doesn't always work out either. Just a few things to consider before taking the plunge!!! A License & Bond are a must but doesn't guarantee a great outcome. First impressions like attire or if the Contractors vehicle is clean or filthy speak volumes. For example, if Contractor shows up to your home with "pillow Head" or it's obvious his truck only gets washed when it rains, I would question how he will respect or treat your property if he fails to do so for himself? Online presence is very helpful such as a website, google listings, reviews, Yelp, etc..... This shows a desire to be professional as well as being eager for potential clients to read how great they performed on other projects. A showroom is great although not necessary, because you'll have a place to select material. Some customers may feel a little more at peace because there is a location to visit if a warranty issue arises down the road. Finally and maybe most important, these last 3 points can make the difference between a great experience or a nightmare. After you have received all your bids ask yourself which Contractor listened to your concerns/obstacles & needs, offered a solution or two & made you feel most comfortable? Do not underestimate the power of your "Gut Feeling". Our Goal for Master Work Home Remodels has always been to make our customers feel comfortable before-during and after every project!

Happy Customer Bathroom Remodel